The Top 5 Secrets You Need to Know about Spiritual Energy 
and How it Affects Your 
Stress Levels Everyday

(whether you are aware of it or not)

A guide for mental health professionals and empaths suffering from burnout, emotional exhaustion,  anxiety, and depression who want to get their time FREEDOM back, TRANSFORM emotional stress and REGAIN their vital life force energy.

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About Me

As a spiritual life coach, Adrienne (she/her) helps mental health professionals, empaths, and healing practitioners break out of burnout, release emotional stress, anxiety, and depression, prioritize their own vibrant life force energy sustainably, and find freedom, healing and joy in their work and life again.

Adrienne has worked in in-patient mental health and knows first hand the challenges that face mental health professionals.  She holds a master’s in occupational therapy, has published qualitative research on the healing properties of writing for mental health and has knowledge bases in neuroscience, craniosacral therapy, advanced pranic healing and pranic psychotherapy, trainings in racial justice, equity and cultural competency, yoga, meditation and living artistic practices of dance and poetry-writing. She also roots herself in her own witchy cultural lineages, uses spiritual practices to tend and alchemize ancestor wounds while also acknowledging universal laws of nature all humans exist within. 

She lives on unceded Anishinaabe / Lakota / Dakota land in Minneapolis MN.

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